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Dear Honourable members of TNOA,

Greetings from Kovai!

I hope everyone of you are in good health and cheer amid the Corona Pandamic which is wrecking havoc in the world. It is sad that we lost few of our Orthopaedic colleagues and many fellow citizens across the country.

As the guidelines issued by Indian Orthopaedic Association and several renowned bodies helped us initially about how to start safe orthopaedic practice, full implementation of all the recommendations are not practically possible. I have enquired the safe practice approaches by different surgeons across the state. There seems to be many variations.

However, we have to be vigilant in the coming months as the Covid 19 spread is still in the uphill trend. I hope this Corona Pandamic will slowly wane away in the coming months.

Many members have benefitted from the “TNOA Professional Indemnity Scheme”. I request you to utilize this opportunity to save huge amount of money over several years!. I request all the members to take up the Bone and Joint activities and free surgery program in August 2020 in a big way which will help us to retain the prestigeous AK Gupta trophy consequitively for 5 years!

We are all aware that Webinars and Zoom meetings help us to keep updated. We should continue to use this technology in future too to embrace all our members in remote places too.

Once again, I request you all practice safely during this pandemic.

“Safe Surgery Saves (Our) Lives”

Dr. S. G. Thirumalaisamy
Tamilnadu Orthopaedic Association