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My dear TNOA Members,

I wish to thank you, members of the esteemed Tamilnadu Orthopedics Association, for having placed your trust and confidence in me. It’s a great privilege to serve this prestigious association as the Secretary (2020-22). It is a gracious honor which I will treasure all my life.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Beginning the first step as executive committee member, I had chosen to bestow the best in all academic, societal and official contributions in my way. It then paved the way to next step as Fellowship Secretary and later the Joint Secretary of this association. I am humbled and grateful to the association and its honorable members

Today, our association has reached a level of being the role model for many state chapters of IOA. It had successfully brought many laurels and recognition for its achievements and won numerous awards to count in. Four consecutive award winners of AK Gupta Trophy and Best State Chapter of OASIS stood flambeau of its accomplishments.  It’s high time that we all persist and work relentlessly to stay with winning AK Gupta trophy all again.

As we all aware the current IOA President’s Theme: “Excellence & Perfection in Orthopaedic Education and Patient Care: An Achievable Vision” and TNOA President’s Theme 2020: “Safe surgery saves lives”, we shall stride in effectuating it.

Technology will transform from something we actively use to a more seamless integrated experience that is ‘on’ all the time. TNOA mobile app is the centerpiece of digital convergence becoming the easiest communication portal of the future. I think it as one of the biggest changes we have taken shape with new standards to bridge the members and transform our activities and notifications seamless.

TNOA video journal is a digital hub reshaped by collections of surgical techniques in various subspecialties of Orthopedics surgery ultimately benefiting the members to gain and acquire knowledge in operative skills.

.Journal of Orthopaedic and Joint Surgery (JOJS) is all new set to roll in with efficient team of editors and enriching manuscripts. I sincerely request you all members to glue into e- TNOA and becoming digital yourself.

Lastly, I wish to congratulate the dedicated and enthusiastic Vellore team for organizing TNOACON 2020 with grandeur and splendidness wangling the highest number of registered delegates assorted with brilliant Scientific Sessions.

“No one can do everything, but everyone can do something, and we all together intend TNOA achieve greater heights.

Long Live TNOA!

Warm regards,
Dr PT Saravanan