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OASIS Fellowship


Number of Fellows: Two

Fellowship Amount : Rs. 40,000 /Fellow


        1.To expose young Orthopaedic surgeons to different Orthopaedic problems and their solutions  in different situations and facilities.

  1. To expose young surgeons to senior Orthopaedic surgeons with a view to interact, gain knowledge of attitudes and philosophy of work, skills, organization of department and clinics etc.
  2. To establish rapport with Orthopaedic surgeons for future interaction and to make lasting friendship along the way.

Fellowship  Selection  Process 

  • Last date for receiving filled in application:  31stDecember 2020

  • Announcement of Selected Candidates: April 2021 (After I EC Meeting).


         (i) The Fellowship committee selects young surgeons from applicants  less than 40 years of age.   

         (II) All applicants should be members of OASIS.

 Fellowship Training.

  • The Chairman, Fellowship Committee shall be responsible for arranging the visit of the Fellows  to various centres.
  • The Fellowship shall  start in the month of June or July 2021
  • Duration of Fellowship: approximately two  weeks.
  • They shall visit centres of excellence decided by rotation, during their travel.
  • Defaulters of the Fellowship will not be considered for any OASIS Fellowships for the next five years.
  • Fellowship amount of  Rs.40,000 will be handed over to the Fellows  during the AGM.
  • The Fellows shall be entitled for free registration during the conference.

Obligations of Travelling Fellows of OASIS

  • To complete the full tenure of Fellowship responsibly.
  • To follow the guidelines provided by the Chairman, Travelling Fellowship Committee and visit all local fellowship coordinators of the centres.
  • To submit a completion report to the Chairman Travelling Fellowship Committee within a month of completion of the Fellowship.
  • All Fellows  should be present during the Annual General Body meeting, where the reports will  be presented.


Criteria for Selection  for Fellowships. Grading system .The maximum marks awarded will be 100.

  • Post Graduate Qualifications in Orthopaedics 2 marks 

Recognized qualifications M.S Ortho or DNB Ortho 2 marks; D. Ortho or any degree recognized by MCI 1 marks


  • Experience 10 marks

One mark per completed year of seniority after post graduate qualifications


  • Publication 40 marks

(a)Indexed Journal Max 20 marks – 5 marks per publication as main author and 3 marks per publication as co-author

(b)Journal of OASIS Max 20 marks – 10 marks per publication as main author and 5 marks per publication as co-author

(c)Non Indexed Journal 10 marks 2 marks per publication as main author; 1 mark per publication as co-author

(d)Books 10 marks 10 marks per book as main author; 5 marks per book as associate author; 10 marks per book as Editor/Author of monograph; 5 marks per book chapter as contributing author; 3 marks per book chapter as co-author


  • Papers/Poster presented personally 20 marks

(a)International conferences abroad 10 marks

(b)International conferences in India 3 marks per paper/poster

(c)IOACON 2 marks per paper/1 mark per poster

(d)OASISCON 5 marks per paper/3 mark per poster

(e)State Chapter conferences 1 mark per paper/ 1⁄2 mark per poster

(f)Subspecialty national conferences 1 mark per paper/ 1⁄2 mark per poster

  • Guest Lectures/Lectures at CME/Workshops 10 marks

International conferences abroad – 5 marks per lecture International conferences in India – 5 marks per lecture IOACON – 3 marks per lecture

OASISCON – 5 marks per lecture

Subspecialty/State Chapter conferences 2 marks per lecture

VI Research Projects Completed              5 marks

Funded by an International/National agency, Government organization or University 5 marks per completed project

(ix) Conferences Attended(Certificates to be provided)                                              5 marks

  1. International conferences abroad 2 mark per conference
  2. International conferences in India/IOACON 1 mark per conference
  3. OASISCON 2 mark per conference
  4. Subspecialty/State Chapter conferences 1⁄2 mark per conference

 (x) Organizational 5 marks

(a) Convener or Organizing Secretary of International, National or OASIS meetings or workshops/office bearer of National/ Subspecialty/State organization 2 marks/post held

(b) Convener or Organizing Secretary of Subspecialty/State level meeting 1 mark/post held

(xi) Medal, Prizes and Awards               3 marks 

IOA, OASIS, State association 2 marks/medal, prize or award Subspecialty, University, National organization International organization others (to be used in case of tie up of marks)

In case of dispute regarding interpretation under any heading, the decision of the Fellowship Committee shall be final.